Alain Rolland
Alain Rolland

Scènes de vie et paysages - Scenes of life

Des ambiances et impressions...

LOLA : Huile sur toile 100 x 81 cm

LOLA : OIl on canvas

In her room : Oil on canvas


Young girl in annecy : Oil on canvas - Sold

Boredom : Tribute to Hopper and Balthus : Oil on canvas 

The awakening : OIl on canvas

Young girls at the bar : Oil on canvas


To Honolulu : Oil on canvas - Sold


The Boudeuse : Oil on canvas - Sold

Relaxation : Oil on canvas

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Gallery Ôpening hours are from 10:30-12:30 and 15:00-19:00 Tuesday to Sunday, and

April to September from Monday afternoon (15:00-19:00) through Sunday night.


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